I have never created a website before!

I'm a newbie at this!

A good few years ago - more than I care to remember - I was quite skilled at DTP (desktop publishing) but I'm sure all of the software that I knew is now seen as Bronze Age.

In a fit of eagerness after starting off the Facebook page, I set to with a free Google package.  I know Google stuff quite well, regularly use Google Docs etc, so I thought I'd stick with what I know.  Well what a nightmare it turned out to be.

I chose a free template and was working on it for hours.  Despite not knowing much about website creation, even I knew that what I was working on was definitely from the Bronze Age.  It was HORRIBLE!.

So, after about 5 hours and when I was half way to completing the website, I decided it looked vile and binned it.  It wasn't even possible to properly align 3 photos on the stupid template.

A very good friend, Katherine, told me about Weebly... the package we're using here.  Like Google, it's free.  Unlike Google, it doesn't look ancient and is relatively easy to use.  It took me a day to create this... which involved a steep learning curve in how to create a website, and it was launched on 17 February.

The only thing that has disappointed me is the lack of flashing buttons, tiny icons, smilies, and jazzy banners between sections etc.  It's all a bit basic!  I was looking forward to adding all those exciting little touches but it'll have to do for now.  My fella says that we may upgrade if Project Eddy goes on for a while.

Anyway, let me know what you think.  I can take construction criticism... I think.

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