A community Facebook page is a little different to an individual Facebook page and I felt completely disorientated at first.  But I was determined to start it and began on 15 February.

We invited friends initially, then trawled through our email lists - I think councils and water boards even got invited because we had emailed complaints in the past - and then began to look at pet forums.

Being a member of a forum is nothing new to me.  But joining quite a few in one go showed the vagaries of registrations and membership rules.  Most of them were fine, but a couple weren't at all and I was accused of breaking rules and spamming because I linked Project Eddy's new Facebook page.  Trying to explain that PE (Project Eddy) was a genuine cause, on a community page, and certainly not a commercial enterprise fell on deaf ears.  One of them banned me "forever".  I just moved on and found other, friendlier forums.  Of course the members asked me all the ins and outs of xylitol and I simply wanted to point them to the PE page so that I could move on to the next forum!  Most of the members were incredibly friendly though and happy that I was passing on an important message.  And the majority knew nothing about xylitol.

I also found pet pages on FB and, initially, posted a couple of sentences and a link directly onto those pages.  That is until I got a warning from Facebook for spamming!

Sometimes it can be hard to get a genuine message out there!

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